qSave 2.5 - [Download]
This script is written for texture artists. It automatically saves image from your PSD, appended with a custom suffix which can be assigned to different hotkeys. (support .TGA, .PNG, .BMP, .TIF, .DDS)
To install, simply extract to your photoshop directory.
pipelineIO 3.3 - [Download]
flexible export/import commandline script - Including a custom obj/fbx exporter, smoothgroup support, bake cage, vertexnormals, correct uv's and much more.
Read bundled PDF for more information.
visualWeights v1.2 - [Download]
displays weights visually, bundled with modified max like skinning tools and source code.
refreshTextures v1.0 - [Download]
automatically refresh textures in maya. (only if they were changed)
colorCodeMesh v1.0 - [Download]
colorcodes each mesh in your model, in a new scene - which is used to bake easy selection sets for texturing.
morphExport - [Download]
export morphs of foreground mesh into seperate objects in specified directory, including filtering, wildcards and much more.
Open script in notepad to see commands.
PS Vista Lag Fix 0.9 - [Download]
a utility that runs alongside photoshop, and fixes the mouse/tablet stutters under vista. (with old PS versions)
eyeDropper 1.0 - [Download]
universal eyeDropper for paint (airbrush and line tools), set color based on 2d pixel RGB under the cursor, works between multiple programs and layers.
uvAlign 1.0 - [Download]
Align a uv island to an edge.
Select the edge you wish to align to, and run script.
eraseToggle 1.3 - [Download]
Simple script that toggles between your eraser and brush while painting (retains settings). very useful to bind to your wacom's pen button.
applyMorph 1.3 - [Download]
Applies the first selected Morph Map, especially useful if binded as context menu for the vertex maps.
roundSquare 0.9 - [Download]
Bevels the side edges of a cube into a cylinder, aimed for parallel edges of equal length but can handle nonperfect ones to a degree.
(3ds Max 9)
materialId - [Download]
Makes a materialID for each element in your mesh, and also contains a multicolor material to be applied.
Following with a diffuse bake, it allows quicker selections in photoshop while texturing.
uvMirror 1.2 - [Download]
A smart tool that mirrors both UV and Geometry at once.
symmetryFix 1.3- [Download]
Made to fix assymetric meshes with relativly small deviations. works by moving verticles to their closest symmetric neighbours (does not change verticle order)
bugfixTriplesym 1.0 - [Download]
Walkaround for the modo 202 triple bug in symmetry mode.
uvTransfer 1.0 - [Download]
Transfers uv's between meshes with identical topology based on closest vertex. ideal for zbrush workflow when one wants to alter uv's in the middle of a sculpture.
alignPoints 2.2 - [Download]
Aligns elements (verts,edges,polys) to the last selected element, supports symmetry, works across layers.
Based on the script by Allan Kiipli.
Fallout3 Weapons Redesigned - [Download]
Mod replacing plasma weapons, made for personal use.
Link opens a new window with more details.
Oxygen - [Download]
A spaceship action game project, halted at alpha stage.
Art/programming by myself, music track by avi.
Make sure to read the oxygen.txt before playing !
Concept art over 3d - [Read Tutorial]
A nice trick to seperate a 3d shot into shades/highlights, and paint underneath for quick conceptual direction.
Article : Normalmaps for the technical modeler - [Read Article]
An article addressing common issues with normalmaps on hardsurface models, and their solutions on multiple packages.
(Modo 201)
Adding a custom Pallete - [Watch Video]
Adding your own custom pallete window, in 2 easy steps.
requires tscc codec.
(XSI 4.2)
Rope through expressions - [Watch Part 1, Part 2]
Modelling a rope and fitting it on a curve, and using expressions to automate the process.
requires tscc codec.
(XSI 4.2)
Volleyball Modelling - [Read Part 1, Part 2]
Modelling a volleyball and tweaking the bends using operators.
Keystation 88 Pro button mapping - [Read]
Mapping the Keystation 88 Pro buttons B44-C60, and transport.