Offering a wide variety of services, from pre-production to assets.
I look forward to help your game stand out from the rest!
Visualize your product as early as possible, saving hundreds of hours!
As a former game dev, I am able to communicate with your game designers, to ensure the art represents the core mechanics & hook as best as possible.
From concept to final ingame models. Covering humanoids to exotic creatures, both stylized & realistic. All characters are created with rigging in mind, to your specific game requirements.
From rigging to keyframe animation, bring your characters to life!
This includes multi-limbed creatures nobody else wants to take on :P
Vehicles, Weapons & Props, add more bang to your project!
Starting from rough layouts based on your gameplay, and iterating them to detailed finals. This naturally includes any 2d assets needed.
Marketing game box cover art, journal & book covers. My goals are to differentiate your product from others & communicate the hook.
With commercial experience in all aspects of game dev, there’s a big chunk of work that doesn’t fit here. Feel free to contact me and ask!

Find out what I can do for you